Newbies Course Monthly Membership provides a series of educational resources designed to help you avoid the threats to your wealth. This course is designed to help you master one of the most crucial components for becoming truly wealthy. In building wealth, one thing that all wealthy people learn at one time or another is that you must protect your assets. Asset protection is the area of law dealing with the structuring of one’s assets, prior to a lawsuit, so that these assets are protected to the maximum amount allowed by law in the event that one is sued. While many think that asset protection is a new area of the law, which really isn’t the case. Join and learn various strategies for protecting assets so that the detrimental effects of a lawsuit against us can be mitigated. Our educational videos include these quintessential topics:
  • Taking Control
  • Claim of Abandoned Personal Property – Establishing Claim of Equitable Interest
  • Requesting Numident Record
  • Registered Agent Cancellation
  • Privatization Intro
  • Contracts Intro
  • Misnomer Status Correction
  • Postal Address Correction
  • Name Intro
  • Lawful Name Change
  • Private Identification
  • Heraldry Resources
  • State Constitution Introduction
  • Fictitious Name Registration Explained
  • Do Not Detain Status
  • Private Mail
LawLife Academy · May 9, 2023

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