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Welcome To LawLife Academy

One-Stop-Shop Complete Law Library

LawLife Academy is a Self-Learning academy that endeavors to provide our private members with a comprehensive law library. The law library offers many rear and priceless books that aid in expanding the knowledge of our students.  Our team is dedicated to changing and improving the current educational structure, empowering you with knowledge and wisdom. LawLife Academy researches, investigates, organizes and presents a guide of useful information.  It is our mission to ensure that everyone knows the law well enough to keep themselves out of it.

LawLife Academy is dedicated and committed to providing expert educational resources to its private members. Our learning platform can be adapted to fit every members needs and we strive to offer useful information in a complete and convenient form.

Within this community, we aim to encourage meaningful discussions and build a network of well-informed community members. From over-standing asset protection to learning how to manage your day-to-day affairs, we have you covered!


Where Law is Life & Life is Law!

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Premium Estate Planning

Discover the benefits of estate planning with our premium courses. Estate Planning must be addressed by everyone at some point.
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Trust Administration Techniques

Trusts are great tools for asset protection and preservation of wealth. We encourage our members to take Express Trust course.
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Law Negotiation Strategies

This is our largest subject matter and it includes strategies for dealing with debt collection, foreclosures, traffic issues, child support, injunctions and more!
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Essential Business Management

Join us on a step-by-step guided journey that will help you learn how to create and start your own business, with detailed explanations at every step.
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Discord Private Membership - For Conversations That Matter

LawLife Academy fosters a private membership community and provides our members with exclusive resources for everyday utility. Our Discord Private Membership gives you access to private chats, live webinars, study groups and mentorship. Members who participate in our courses receive a summary of laws, in a new and instructive method designed to provide you with useful information that is simple and easily understood. For more specific issues, we conduct private coaching and private consultation sessions that help you resolve your concerns. Click the link below to visit our resource center.

Learn-For-Self Approach

We welcome members from all backgrounds and walks of life. We believe in a self-learning approach and encourage our members to seek success in life while learning at their own pace. Our members can take advantage of private courses designed and laid out in a plain and simple manner.
Our curriculum is built on four major tenets: Trust Administration Techniques, Premium Estate Planning, Law Negotiation Strategies and Business Management Essentials, helping you chart your path toward wealth building and asset protection.
We work hard to create solutions that challenge the disinformation being presented to us.

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

Our core belief is that everyone should have access to valuable information that is practical and reliable for managing your everyday affairs. Many people often lack access to materials and resources for developing strategies for law negotiation.
At LawLife Academy, we educate our private members about various topics which ultimately helps them learn and grow. Through our courses, private memberships, consultations we provide guidance and remedy for success.
We educate, uplift and spread wisdom across our private community. Members learn through webinars, seminars, and private chats.

You Can Count On Us

Connect with us for proven results, accurate information, accessibility to consultants, and expert knowledge on premium asset protection, wealth building, and much more.


Here are some of the topic that are discussed within our private community.

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